Day 234 - Numbers 33

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V. 1-49 The faithfulness and care of the Lord has kept a record of the wanderings of His people for over forty years. Every place they stopped along the way is written down, The Lord also keeps a record of our lives, and some day He will review it step by step. And then we will praise Him for His faithfulness in spite of our failures. The Lord Himself went with them in all those wanderings.
V. 50-56 After this long account, they are told that when they enter into the land, they are to drive out those who had lived there, so that they would not be influenced by their evil ways. They were warned that if they left them there, and tried to live among them, that it would be a continual trial and problem to them. This is a lesson for us. We are journeying heavenward, where we shall never have any of these trials and battles. But we know what trials there are now. We know that we have to work with those who do not live the Lord Jesus, and who mock us if we speak well of Him. Let us see to it that we do not make friends with them, but remain separate from them. We are to witness to them about the Lord. Separation is not the same as isolation.