Day 238 - Phil. 1, Verses 1-10

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The book of "Numbers" has been the history of Israel's journey through the wilderness, so it is suitable for us today to turn to a New Testament book which is written for OUR journey through the world (our wilderness). Paul, who wrote it, was a prisoner in Rome for being a believer in Christ. We certainly can learn plenty from Philippians, IF we realize we're in Satan's world. But, throughout this book we'll see the Central Figure of it... CHRIST. He was the Perfect Servant (2:6-11), the troubles, disappointments and dangers in this world which we experience are what He had from people. So we need to keep our eye on HIM (Read 4:13).
V. 1 Paul takes a low place as a servant with Timothy. He loved the believers so much that he was always encouraging, strengthening and building them up. The difficult experiences through which they passed only gave Paul an opportunity to show them that these were for their own good and the glory of God. The Lord orders every circumstance in the believer's life.
V. 4 There is no other epistle which has so much about joy in it. Here is the first. The dangers, sorrows sufferings and trials only made the joy more noticeable!
V. 5 Their interest in the gospel had been steady right from the start, V. 6-9 Nor would it taper off, but go on unto the perfect day, the day of Jesus Christ. He only longer that their love to others would grow. This would result in their growing in knowledge and intelligence.
V. 10 He prayed that those who had begun with Christ, would go on with Christ, have nothing but Christ before their eyes, and keep on this path without a stumble till the day of Christ. May we experience this more and more.