Day 241 - Philippians 2, Verses 12-30

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
V.12 They were more obedient in Paul’s absence than in his presence. So they had to be enjoying all the consolations that were in Christ and live out that life day by day.
V.13 Shows what God was doing for them in their life.
V.14-16 What they had the power to do in their life, because of verse 13.
V.17 The secret of true service is true humility.
V.19-23 Timothy was very dear to Paul, and was with him at this time, but he was willing to part with Timothy, even though he would feel the loneliness of the Roman prison.
V.20-21 Paul looked for someone whom he could send to them with a message, but everyone but Timothy was too busy with their own things!
V.22, 23 What a privilege for this young (about 11 years after Acts 16) man to carry out this job for Paul.
V.25-30 Another faithful man. His name means “lovely.” He surely sounds as if he lived it out. He was concerned that the Philippians had heard that he was ill! He knew that they would be worried until they heard how he was. What love for each other!