Day 242 - Phil. 3

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This chapter is quite different from the rest of the book. Up to now, and continuing in chapter 4, there is the quietness of love working. This chapter brings in activity. In Matthew chapter 23, we hear the Lord pronouncing woe upon woe on the religious evil. So here we find something of the same thing... warnings against religious evil.
V. 2 "Concision", those who were half and half. Not completely separate from evil.
V. 3 "Circumcision" is here spiritual. It is a type of complete separation (contrast with verse 2).
V. 4-7 If anyone has something to boast about, even religiously, Paul had more. Truth makes us humble. Our opinions make us proud.
V. 8-12 Sometimes when a person first accepts the Lord Jesus as Savior, there is a burst of energy and devotion to Christ, but after a while it dies down. If the 7th verse described his earlier days as a Christian, the 8th verse shows that he hasn't changed.
V. 11 The more a person enjoys Christ here, the more he longs to be with Him above.
V. 13-16 We are to forget any progress we may have made in our souls, and press on to the glorious future. V. 17-19 Another type of religious evil... making Christianity an earthly thing, even using the name of the Lord.
V. 20-21 Again he turns our hearts to Christ, and reminds us that we are heavenly citizens. "Conversation" means how we live.
V. 21 Our bodies changed to he fit for God's presence and to feel happy to be there!