Day 245 - 1 Cor. 1, Verses 17-31

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 17-18 Clever words may make the cross of Christ sound foolish. And clever words can make the narrow path of following Christ sound foolish too.
V. 19-28 Foolish things and weak things. Wise things and strong things. Which do we choose? Notice what God has chosen.
V. 23 A crucified Christ was a stumbling block to the Jews. (It was like a catch on a trap... when it is touched, it makes the trap door fall.) And the cross was foolishness to the Gentiles. These Corinthian believers were very much affected by what the Jews and Gentiles thought because they were using the head not their heart. They were under the influence of the Jewish and Gentile thinking.
V. 24 What a contrast; power and wisdom of God were theirs.
V. 26-29 Not many wise, not many powerful, nor many high-born people are chosen to be saved, so that no one can boast, except in belonging to Christ.
V. 30. 31 What glorious words for each believer in Christ to be rejoicing in.