Day 246 - 1 Corinthians 2

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V. 1-8 Nothing looked weaker, nor more shameful, than Christ crucified. The Corinthians did not want the shame side of Christianity. Only the nice, respectable, intelligent and gifted side. But unless we are willing to see this, we will continue to keep believers divided. It is pride which keeps us from surrendering our will to the Lord. The correction to every evil spoken of in Corinthians is to be willing to make Christ the Lord (Master) of our life.
V. 10 now we have the Holy Spirit. He tells us God's secrets, if we walk in obedience to His Word. We never could understand them with our intelligence, and this is what is now going to be explained.
V. 11-16 Who could understand a man's thoughts, except the man himself? In the same way only God's Spirit knows God's thoughts.
V. 12 But believers have received that same Spirit. It is in the power of that Spirit that we now can understand God perfectly! We are one with Him. Now don't confuse what we are saying. We are not saying that every believer automatically knows and understands God and His Word. (Disobedience and carelessness hinder this). But this Scripture is saying that all believers have that ability.