Day 252 - 1 Cor. 7

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The subject of marriage is next. You will notice that sometimes Paul says he writes at the commandment of God, and other times he says he is giving his opinion. But never forget that the whole chapter is inspired. However, God makes a higher distinction. The commandments of Paul are God's revelation. The opinions of Paul are by God's inspiration. Never forget that the whole chapter is inspired it is all God's Word. Marriage is a beautiful picture of the relationship between Christ the Bridegroom, and us the bride. We, the bride-to-be of Christ, do not tell Him what to do. We are subject (obedient) to Him.
V. 20-24 In those days there were many slaves. Some of them heard about the Lord Jesus Christ, and accepted Him as Savior. Now they might wonder what they should do.
V. 22 But those who were free should remember that when they accepted Christ as their Savior, they became His servant! This is good for us to remember in a land of liberty.
V. 25-40 Then we have different relationships mentioned. Notice how the Lord or His coming is brought into each problem. It makes it easier to solve the believer is in a changing world. All will pass away. We are to live with this thought in mind.
V. 40 The fewer entanglements, the happier she would be.