Day 253 - 1 Cor. 8

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Now the subject of idols. There were two things to learn about in this. Firstly, that the idol was nothing. Secondly, that they must remember that it might be something to the conscience of other believers. Some believers might connect the idols with demons, and feel that they should not eat meat which had been offered to an idol in a heathen temple.
V. 1 A person who had knowledge that an idol was nothing, had to be careful. Love for God, and concert for one another, are needed. We must remember that the greater the knowledge the greater the responsibility.
V. 7 If a person has a bad conscience about something, he must stop doing it, or he is going to lose his sweet confidence toward the Lord.
V. 13 Paul says this because he had such love for his brethren, the believers.