Day 257 - 1 Cor. 11, Verses 1-16

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V. 1-16 Here is an everyday problem; is a woman to wear a covering on her head when she prays? Some people try to evade the clearness of these verses by saying that her hair is her covering. If so, the hair would likewise be a covering for the man. But verse 4 makes it plain that a covering, not hair, is meant. Scripture would then use the word "shorn", as it does in verse 6. A compromise in this leads to compromise on other things. The man is the head of the woman, and she puts a covering on her physical head to show she realizes that there is authority over her.
V. 10 When a woman does this, she is seen by the angels, and it is a good witness. Angels ought not to see things done incorrectly, they can learn too!
V. 7 The man represents God, although he surely has failed to live up to the position. Sometimes a monument is built to represent a certain man. It might not be exactly the same as the man, but it represents him. So man represents God. Man was originally made sinless. Man keeps the place of being the head, even though he is a fallen creature. When a woman who is a believer sees this, and believes God's Word, then she will have no doubts that she should keep her head covered when she prays. And she does not pray out loud in the presence of a man.
V. 16 There is to be no arguing about this point!