Day 258 - James 1

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Another of the five books we have grouped together. This one needs our special attention. The man who wrote this book is the James we read about in Acts 15. In Acts 21:20, 26, the converted Jews were still sacrificing animals! But God was giving His last call to Israel.
V.5-8 These believers were being tested very much as to having faith in Christ for their everyday life as well as for eternity. Remember, the book of James is like the book of Acts, it is like a bridge between the Old Testament teaching and full Christianity. It was all new teaching to them. Their faith in Christ put them to real tests every day. They needed to ask the Lord many questions. He would tell them.
V.9-11 The Jews who were poor were suddenly realizing that they had the “true riches,” and the rich, who accepted Christ, were finding that they had to take a lower place.
V.12 Crowns would be waiting for them in heaven if they were faithful in their difficult days.
V.13-15 Here is the fruit of bitterness and turning away from God. Our own will leads us into temptation.
V.16-18 He warns not to make a mistake on what follows.
V.17 We could read the words like this — all good giving and every perfect gift is from above.
V.19-27 Anger does not produce good results.