Day 261 - 1 Cor. 13

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This is the "charity" or "love" chapter. Yesterday we had the gifts and power which God gives to us. Tomorrow, the abilities which God may give. Today we read of the "oil" which makes both "machines" work. That oil is love. God is love. This chapter is speaking about love and reality. If we have the first, we have the second. It is not a definition of what love means, but rather how love works! But remember, this is divine love, God's love. Human love fades when there is no response to it. Divine love doesn't.
V. 5 Thinking about evil depresses our soul. We easily think that the evil is greater than the good. Love will go on in heaven, there being no evil to interfere. All these verses give us the characteristics of love. Two tell us what love is. Eight tell us what love does not do. Six tell us what God does.
V. 13 Faith, hope and love are the three things which a happy believer shows. They' are all for the present life, but the last one will go on for all eternity.