Day 263 - 1 Cor. 14, Verses 21-40

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
V. 23-24 If a visitor coming into the assembly did not understand what was being said, he would consider everyone out of their mind. But prophecy would reach his conscience, and make him realize that God was there.
V. 26-33 The tendency was for everyone to feel that he had to speak. So instruction is given here for the orderly conduct and help of the assembly. Only one man was to speak at a time, two or three in total.
V. 32 Each one who spoke was master of himself, and could control himself. What a rebuke all this is to modern day speaking in tongues in our lands. The gibberish is done by a crowd, including women, and no one understands the noises. Satan's power is to imitate the Spirit's power.
V. 33-35 Women were to be silent in the assembly. Today we hear all kinds of arguments brought out to justify the disobedience to the plain Word of God.
V. 36-40 This speaking in tongues didn't originate with them, and it didn't only come to them. Why not then listen to the apostle who had brought the good news to them by the commandment of the Lord? To acknowledge that what Paul said was from God would be a test of their spirituality. Always remember that these chapters are to correct errors, not to commend the believers.