Day 264 - 1 Cor. 15, Verses 1-28

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
V. 1-11 Imaginations, arguments, and false views concerning the resurrection of the body had come in too. Some were denying the resurrection of the dead. Yet the resurrection of Christ was a vital part of this gospel they had heard from Paul and had believed.
V. 12-19 If there was no resurrection of the dead, then Christ was not raised, and they had believed for nothing, for they therefore would be yet in their sins.
V. 20 Glorious, victorious; taking the sting of death out of every of believer's funeral.
V. 21-23 All in Adam's family die; all in Christ's family shall be made alive. (The resurrection of the lost is not mentioned here).
V. 24-28 Christ will eventually give up His kingdom (at the end of the millennium) after all His enemies are put under His feet including death that God, (as God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in One), may be all in all. Verses 20 to 28 are a parenthesis. This help us to understand the next two verses. Read 17, 18, 19, 29 and 30 all at once.