Day 273 - Col. 1, Verses 1-17

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Our last three Epistles have been giving us serious warnings of the dangers surrounding us. Paul, in Colossians, lifts up our eyes and thoughts to our Head, the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven... our destiny. But we are not there yet, for Colossians still looks at us as being down on earth. Colossians also has its warnings. Legality (making rules for our life) 2:20, 21, is a very subtle thing, for it looks so holy. But it is not seeing that it is by grace alone we stand, Then there was the celebrating of special days. And also philosophy. But the main subject is Christ the Head (in heaven) of the body (on earth).
V. 4-5 We see three great things, faith, love and hope. Faith IN Christ Jesus; love for others; hope of future glory.
V. 6 All this brought forth fruit. That is, it changed lives, and this is what the truth does in us.
V. 9-17 Paul's prayer for them. Christianity is not some package which we receive once, and having received it, we are settled. Notice the words be filled might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing being fruitful increasing strengthened giving thanks. Can each one of us stop reading at this moment and say "In the last year I have grown to know the Lord more?" If we cannot say this, it is because Satan has put something else before our eyes. These verses lead us right up to our glorious Head, our Lord Jesus Christ.