Day 277 - Colossians 4

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V. 2 All the wonderful things which have been told us of our position are not complete without this verse. "Continue in prayer", and watch.
V. 7-8 Paul always liked to hear how they were getting along, but he knew they also wanted to hear of how he was getting on. This love for one another is Christianity in full bloom. Can anything be sweeter amongst believers?
V. 9-11 Notice how he just makes short comments about these followers. Would we be standing with the apostle Paul had we been with him in his day? Today is our day to stand for the Lord. Soon He comes, and the day of faith will be over. It is the wonderful wisdom of God that has hidden the truth of the New Testament below the surface of the Old. The path of progress, or steps from the very beginning, on to the heavenly glorious future. Remember that the Bible is all one. It's like the human body. All is absolutely necessary. The truth of Christianity is learned from the New Testament, but the Old Testament is like a series of pictures which illustrates the New. That's why we alternate between the two.