Day 279 - Deuteronomy 2

Deuteronomy 2  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V.1-15 Moses continues to review their journey, and show them that God had been so kind and near to them all the way. Particularly verse 7. What a journey! But what a traveling Companion they had! Everything which had happened to them was an evidence of the kindness and wisdom of God. He was leading them to His home. 21 times God uses the word “great” in this book. May we realize also that we believers are being led day by day through this wicked world to God’s home and glory by His great power.
V.16-37 They had come close to the land and found enemies who wouldn’t let them pass. But God took care of this as well. As we get close to the day when the Lord will come for us, Satan, our enemy, is attacking us as never before. But may we learn from this book that the only thing which weakened them was their own disobedience to God’s Word!