Day 28 Genesis 28

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 1-5 God had a plan for Jacob's life. If you belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, God has a plan for your life. But our responsibility is to be willing to submit. Only through obedience to God's Word can there be joy and peace in walking that life. God will be honored, and you will be blessed. These always go together.
V. 10-15 God began to teach Jacob some lessons. This journey is Jacob's schooling. He has many things to learn. The sun is setting on his old life verse 11. Often this is painful to our natural life (old nature) but necessary.
V. 16-17 Jacob is brought face to face with God he calls the place the very gate of heaven.
V. 19 Bethel means "the house of God". Jacob said "surely the Lord is in this place".
V. 16 Read 31:13. When we have the assurance in our heart of the Lord's presence collectively with us, then we will say the same thing as Jacob.