Day 282 - Deut. 4

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Beautiful chapter. A great encouragement and a great warning. Note particularly verse 2. What a wonderful thing it was for this nation to have their very own God in heaven! (verse 7). All the words He had given them were to be followed. Nothing was to be added or taken from them. Read these verses carefully, for they can apply to us in a spiritual way. If they turned to idolatry (other gods) they would lose out in their blessings. (We believers may lose out in our happiness and peace, but we can never lose our blessings!)
V. 1-13 Review of God's ways with them in their past.
V. 14-24 Warnings against idols or pictures.
V. 25-49 Their future, with encouragements and warnings.