Day 291 - Deuteronomy 13

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 1-5 What serious religious instruction this is. So very important for us. If any preacher says anything which is not according to God's Word, we are told what to do.
V. 3 God is testing us, to see if we will obey Him.
V. 6-11 Plainer still. Often our relatives have a bad influence on us. Particularly when we want to follow the Lord. We are often more afraid of our relatives than we are of offending the Lord. Notice what action had to be taken here. Someone may say that this is too strict. But God wrote it. We learn spiritual lessons from these physical events. We do not kill people, but do we choose friends or relatives who take us away from enjoying the Lord?
V. 12-18 Important too. It does matter to us how other believers behave. The faithful person is concerned about them. When believers turn back to the world, we are saddened, but we must separate from them. We know they will never be happy until they return to the Lord. In this section, they were to spare nothing in the city. They had to inquire diligently at first to make sure that the story was true, then they were to act strongly.