Day 293 - Deut. 15

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
This chapter shows us how careful of others they had to be.
V. 1-11 The poor were to be helped. It says in verse 4 "Save (except) when there shall be no poor among you". That was a good limit, because the Lord said that such a time would riot come Matt. 26:11.
V. 12-18 Can you see this story as a beautiful picture of the Lord Jesus as a Servant? He could have gone back to heaven after He had lived His life here on earth. But love kept Him here. He went into death for His Father and for us. And He will remain a Servant forever Luke 12:37.
V. 19-23 The first-born of the clean animals was to be sacrificed to the Lord.
V. 20 They were to eat it. This is a beautiful picture, pointing on to Christ, the "First-born" of the new creation Col. 1:15. He is our food. John 6:56-57.