Day 294 - Deut. 16, Verses 1-8

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God is now giving new instructions. There are to be three times each year when every man would go to the place which God was going to chose. He would bring a sacrifice to offer to God. They were called "Feasts" (or get-togethers). We will take up one at a time.
V. 1-8 The first was the Passover, and the feast of unleavened bread. Notice that there was no rejoicing at this feast. It was to be a constant reminder to them of the death of the lamb in Egypt. We know who God's Lamb is now. So for us it is to remember Him in His death. The day after the Passover there were seven days when they were to be very sure there was no "leaven" in their house. (This is important for us, the number "seven" is a picture of completeness. So our whole life is to separated from all evil.)