Day 295 - Deut. 16, Verses 9-22

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V. 9-12 Now the third feast; "the feast of weeks". In this feast there was to be rejoicing. There were to be seven weeks plus one day, which equals 50 days from the harvest. In Acts 2 we see that Pentecost, which means "50", was when the Holy Spirit came down to earth. It was 50 days after the cross! Of course there is joy for us.
V. 10 Joy which the presence of the Holy Spirit causes us to have, is like a "free will offering".
V. 11 Not only was there joy in the Lord, but calling others to this joy as well.
(See your chart, 1,000 yrs., Christ the King)
V. 16-17 These verses end the religious side of things.
V. 18-20 Righteousness was to be carried out in His holy land. No favoritism for certain people was to be tolerated.
V. 21-22 Groves and idols were forbidden.