Day 310 - Deuteronomy 29, Verses 1-13

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
This chapter is the last part of the second main division of this book. It started with chapter 12. The first section, 1-11, was “why the people were to obey.” This second section is “what they were to obey.” Possibly the biggest help to understanding chapters 27 and 28 is to read verse 29 of today’s chapter, before you read the chapter. It simply means this, the “revealed” things are what Israel ought to have done, but didn’t; the “secret” things are what God would do in spite of their disobedience and complete failure. This is what the mercy and grace of God are! This is what the gospel is! This is what each believer should realize!
God is now going to make another covenant (agreement) with Israel at Moab. Why? You remember that they had broken the first covenant at Mount Sinai (or Horeb) just when they had crossed the Red Sea and came into the wilderness. They had turned to idolatry and had worshipped a golden calf. On that occasion they had been spared from total destruction by Moses’ intercession. That made it very plain that they had lost the right to enter the land. If God had kept them to that covenant at Sinai, He could not now bring them into the land after their long wanderings in the wilderness. What will He do? He will make another covenant with them at Moab! So this is one of the “secret things” of verse 29. In this way He can bring them into the land, for in this agreement He brings in His mercy! What a God!
V.1-13 As you read these verses of the covenant you will notice that it is a gentle agreement, not all law, nor all grace — but both. God reminds the people of His kindness since they left Egypt.