Day 312 - Deut. 30

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
This chapter commences the 3rd and last section of this book. It covers the future of Israel after we believers have been caught away to glory. Yesterday we read of the "secret things". Today we will read of some of these things. They show us the heart of God. For Israel had forfeited every right to blessing, having failed to keep the law and God had scattered the tribes to the ends of the earth. Yet we will read of Israel's future blessing.
V. 1-4 How descriptive these verses are of Israel (all 12 tribes) today! For the people of Israel are scattered over the face of the earth.
V. 4-9 You will find seven times that it says what God will do.
V. 10 Refers to those who obey. But look in verse 6 to see what God will have given those who believe... a new heart!
This helps us to understand our chapter.
V. 15-20 What tender, loving appeal made to them by God, to take His blessings; but coupled with a warning that those who refused this new heart would never get into the promised land, but would perish (verse 18).