Day 313 - 1 Thess. 5, Verses 12-28

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
V. 12-28 Instructions as to everyday conduct, but by no means unimportant. Those who were the most exposed to the persecutions and dangers were the most protected by the Lord.
V. 12-13 They were to pay attention to, and love those who brought the new truth of Christianity. Christians in general, today do not want this truth, V. 14-15 Briefer, but no less important instructions, V. 16 Rejoicing never need stop for the believer, because he does not get his joy from his circumstances.
V. 16-21 These have to do with us personally.
V. 21-22 Notice carefully that God says in the first verse "Hold fast" '(hold tightly) to what is right, and the second verse, He says "Hold aloof' (keep far away) from all wickedness.
V. 23 Here is what the God of peace, Himself, will then do for you, in your spirit, soul and your body!
V. 24 More! What God promises you, He will do it!