Day 315 - Deut. 32

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
Although Moses had longed to go into the land, (God had told him he wouldn't be there) yet that didn't keep him from speaking the words of this wonderful song.
V. 1 Shows us how important it was, for actually, the words came out of the mouth of God, as every word of the Bible does (like Ezek. 3:10, Isa. 6:8, Jer. 28:7). The whole creation is to listen!
V. 1-43 If you take the time to read it slowly (it took me 8 minutes) you will see both the majesty, grace and love of God on one side, and yourself as a hopeless, rebellious sinner on the other side. Count how many times Moses goes from speaking of how gentle and kind God is (verses 2-4) and how terrible the people (we) acted (5). But as you read on, you get glimpses of what God will do at the end (29, 39, 40 and 43). Notice His grace, vengeance and glory!
V. 8 Interesting. Israel is singled out from all the countries in the world.
V. 44-47 Make the Word of God what Moses here says "Because it is your life".
V. 48-52 Farewell to faithful Moses (Heb. 3:2). But remember Gal. 6:7 and see that act of Moses (v. 51) cost him much.
There are two sides to God's dealings with us believers, (1) in grace, (2 Tim. 2:13) and (2) government (Gal. 6:7). If we forget grace, we become careless, and if we forget government and fail, we become depressed.