Day 320 - 1 Thessalonians 3

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V. 1-10 Paul had only been able to stay a short while at Thessalonica because the Jews were stirring up great persecutions Acts 17. He had to move on to Berea. But even there the Jews of that city came to stir up trouble against Paul. After this Paul hears that a great storm of persecution had broken out against the Thessalonians. Paul is very concerned that these believers had not been able to stand the persecution, so he sent Timothy to find out how they were getting along. When Timothy returned, and told Paul the good news that their faith and love (verse 6) had stood firm in, he was comforted.
V. 8 He was so close in spirit to those believers that he can say "we live if ye stand fast in the Lord".
V. 11 Joy flooded Paul's soul as he thought of being able to see them.
V. 12 They had surely shown love for one another he desired more.. because he himself had such burning love for them. Divine love is eternal,.. is infinite... is the greatest power known. The love in verse 12 produces the holiness in verse 13, but holiness does not necessarily produce love.