Day 324 - 2 Thess. 1, Verses 1-6

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The 1st Epistle corrects a serious error, that the believers who died would miss the great privilege of coming with the Lord Jesus at the time of His appearing (E on chart). This second Epistle clears the second error... that the tribulation had already come and that they were passing through it. This is not so. The believers all knew that the "day of the Lord" would be ushered in by dreadful events and darkness. Isa. chapters 2 to 4, Joel 2 and 3, Amos 5, Zeph. 1-3. Satan was sending great difficulties and was using false teachers to tell them that "the day" had arrived.
V. 1-4 But before pointing out these errors, he warms their hearts. If you read the opening verses of the 1st Epistle you would see "faith", "love", and "hope" mentioned. But notice in our verses "hope" is missing. They were losing the hope of the Lord's coming for the believer.
V. 5-10 The persecutions were to encourage (not discourage) them to look up. He tells them that they shall rejoice more than ever if they endured these troubles. The Lord loves the believers and yet allows trials and sorrows to come upon them! But what a day is ahead for the unbelievers when God will rain fire and brimstone upon them!