Day 335 - 2 Cor. 7

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We are told to get rid of all that would dishonor the Lord. "Filthiness of the flesh" no doubt there are bad habits that would not be pleasing to the Lord, that we should gladly give up rather than grieve Him. And "filthiness of the spirit" would remind us of the unequal yoke that we have just been warned against.
V. 6-7 Titus brought to Paul the good news, he had been waiting for, that the Corinthians had received and acted on the message of the first epistle.
V. 11 The Corinthians had repented and mourned about their carelessness in allowing evil in the assembly. As a matter of fact, the assembly was to blame for the condition described in 1 Cor. 5. Read verse 2. But it took a long time for the assembly to realize this. So actually there were two evils. Moral evil in the man, religious evil in the assembly. So it i good to see (in this verse) that it all had a correcting effect on the assembly.
V. 15 The Corinthians were not afraid of Titus, but they had a healthy respect for the Word of God through Paul. They obeyed the message sent from thi Lord. Let us also tremble before the Word of God, and obey it.