Day 347 - 1 Peter 4

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V. 1-7 Suffering for being a believer, is further explained.
V. 1 If I (my old life, the flesh) want to do something, and go ahead and do it, my old life, my flesh enjoys it. But if I don't do it, my flesh suffers, but I don't sin.
V. 4 The world can see no happiness in being a believer. But we have a joy that they don't know anything about.
V. 8-19 How believers are to act toward each other.
V. 8 "Love" is another word for "charity". To have love for other believers keeps us from doing things (sins) which we might do otherwise.
V. 11 When directed by God, everything in the believer's life comes from God.
V. 12-19 We are not to be surprised if we believers suffer for the name of Christ. But we are to connect our sufferings with what He suffered when here.
V. 13 The thought of the coming of the Lord Jesus is the reward, arid gives us strength to keep on.
V. 15 A believer should never suffer as an evil-doer.
V. 17-18 The "house of God" is made up of all who "say" they are Christians whether true believers or not. It is far better for an unsaved person to say he is not a Christian than to say he is. If we suffer here on earth, what is it going to be like for the unsaved to suffer in hell forever!