Day 35 – Genesis 34

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Before you read this chapter, turn to Gal. 6:77Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7) & 8. What God's Word says there is carried out in today's chapter. After the promise he received in 28:22, Jacob should have gone directly to Bethel (he gets there finally, but only after God has to tell him, 35:1). But what he saw of the country around attracted his eyes and so he didn't follow his heart. His staying on in the wrong place caused this dismal chapter to have to be told! What a lesson for parents there is here. Are we careful about our children? Do we choose places just because there are advantages for us? Living near this city was a risky thing, but Jacob never seems to have given it a thought!
V. 30-31 Jacob speaks sharply to his sons when the damage is done. Notice too how they talk back to their father. And even the reasons Jacob gave to his sons as to why they shouldn't have done it, were all centered around his reputation and his possessions! Day 36 – Gen. 35
Sometimes the difference between a half-hearted and a whole-hearted believer's life is just as great as the contrast between an unbeliever's and a believer's life. Let's not forget this. Because many believers think that how we live doesn't matter, so long as we are saved.
V. 1 God graciously speaks once more. Jacob must have been humiliated to have to be reminded by God of the day when he ran away from his brother Esau.
V. 2 What God was doing to Jacob was beginning to get through to him. His conscience is starting to work. "Put away" he says. We never grow in our souls until we too "put away" the things which we may have been going on with which are not pleasing to the Lord. When we are careless, we don't even know that they are there!
V. 3. Good words "Let us go up to Bethel". (Remember it means the "house of God")
V. 5-15 Immediately there is a difference in the influence Jacob has amongst the neighbors. Once again he has to be reminded of his changed name.
V. 16-29 Now Jacob is able to move on, and face a dreadful happening-the death of his beloved wife, Rachel.
V. 27-29 Another death. Jacob is learning that death to self is the door to God's blessings.