Day 350 - 2 Peter 1, Verses 9-21

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V. 9 But if these things are not part of our life, then we cannot see far into the things of God. We look at the things around us.
V. 11 If we are obedient believers, then we are going to be happy and waiting to enter heaven.
V. 12-15 Peter was happy to remind them of these things, even although they knew them. And we need to be reminded over and over again. We forget so soon.
V. 17-18 The transfiguration of the Lord in Matt. 17.
V. 19 The transfiguration made the prophecies of the Old Testament more sure to the believers. The morning star appears before the day dawns. In the Scripture, sunrise is the Lord Jesus coming in glory at the beginning of the millennium (see your chart). But the morning star is the Lord Jesus coming for the believers before the millennium (see your chart).
V. 20-21 We cannot just take one part of the Scripture we must put all together to get the full meaning. No prophecy is explained by itself. But don't forget that all prophecy has to do with this world.