Day 354 - Joshua 2

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V. 1-11 How much like ourselves were these Old Testament people! Joshua's faith is not strong, so he sends spies instead of just going ahead on the sure Word of Jehovah (chapter 1:1-6). Rahab, an immoral woman turns to Jehovah by faith, ( but isn't truthful with her neighbors).
V. 12-21 While Rahab was not as upright as she should have been, it was her personal faith in God which made her willing to forsake her people and turn to help Israel.
V. 21 Shows that she immediately put out the "token" or sign as to whose side she and her household were on. How about us and our homes is it plain whose side we are on?
V. 22-24 It was Israel's weakness of faith that led to the sending of the spies. It was Jehovah's wonderful grace which gave the spies the evidence they looked for, to encourage them. Rahab, for her faith in God, later came in to the family of Israel, married Salmon, and became one in the royal line, into which Jesus was born, much later Matt. 1:55And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab; and Booz begat Obed of Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse; (Matthew 1:5). She is also mentioned in Heb. 11:3131By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace. (Hebrews 11:31) and James 2:2525Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way? (James 2:25), neither of which hides what she was before, but mentions her faith and works.