Day 358 - Josh. 5, Verses 10-15

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 10-12 Manna was their food from Jehovah through the wilderness. In the believer's trials and problems of everyday life, we can think of the Lord Jesus as the Man Who understands, sympathizes, and cares (Jesus, our "Manna"). But now Israel is not going to have the manna any more. Instead, a new food... the old corn of the land. Corn stored from the harvest of the year before. (A glorified Christ has gone back to the place from where He had come.) This is beautifully pictured in the "old corn". Christ was in the glory in a past eternity and has now returned, but this time as a Man. He is the first Man to enter heaven and is the only Person there at present, (until the rapture). This was going to be the food to make them strong. There were battles ahead. Believers now find that opposition starts against him from unbelievers and worldly believers. The "battles" start.
V. 13-15 Further lesson for Joshua the leader! He had a "Leader", too.