Day 360 - Josh. 6, Verses 15-23

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 15-16 The word "seven" (or "seventh") appears four times here. That number has a special meaning in Scripture... it means that something is completed. Mostly good, but sometimes bad or evil. Here is victory for Israel, but death for the people of Jericho. The Israelites were told to shout. Notice why.
V. 17-19 The words "accursed" or "curse" are used four times, ( four is universal). Jericho is really a picture of the whole world lost in sin and under the sentence of death, waiting for the punishment (judgment) to fall on it. The people were told not to touch anything in the city except that all the silver, gold, vessels of brass and iron were to be put into the treasury of the Lord. Remember this when reading the next chapter.
V. 22-23 What a contrast! One woman had a wonderful message to tell to "whosoever" (2:19) would come into her house would be safe! It all happened! Just as the Lord had said it would! Does it thrill you to be one of those "inside"? LIFE.