Day 363 - Joshua 8

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 10
V.1-2 In yesterday’s reading, Joshua had gone ahead without direction from the Lord, and the result was a disaster (Joshua 7:2-5). Now that Joshua and the people have been humbled over their own condition, and have judged the evil among themselves, the Lord encourages them to take Ai by His power working for them.
V.10 Joshua was careful, too, because the word “numbered” means that he “inspected” them early in the morning.
V.13, 18-19 Several companies of Israelites, with Joshua in the midst of them, all directed by the Lord and acting together. What a beautiful picture of what Christians should be today!
V.24-29 Obedience brings victory.
V.30-32 Victory turns to worship.
V.33-35 Worship leads to willingness to listen to all of God’s Word.