Day 45 – Genesis 43

V. 1 God was allowing the famine to get worse. But He noticed how much the people felt it. There are many very touching words spoken in this chapter... Jacob's in verses 6, 7, 11-14. Joseph's in 16, 27, 29. The steward's in 23. The guilt-stricken brothers had no idea that Joseph knew of their convicted consciences (see 42:21-23). They thought of him as a rough speaking man (as they themselves had been many years before). But Joseph has nothing but love in his heart for them. How little we realize the Lord's love for us, when He allows us to pass through sorrows and difficulties.
V. 8-10 Look back and see what part Judah had in the getting rid of Joseph. And see the changed heart. He is willing to offer his life for his brother Benjamin.
V. 11, 15, 25-26 Jacob still thinks that gifts will help. Just think of how little this would mean to Joseph. He was interested in their hearts. (Notice in contrast what Joseph sent as a gift. 45:20-23.
V. 30-31 Can you read this without being stirred? What a heart of love. He carried no bitterness for them, and yet he could not let them see into his heart. Only when they had learned how bad was their heart, could they understand his heart of love.