Day 58 – Rom. 6

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
In this life, sin is always trying to get back into control over the believer. And now we are going to learn how to handle this serious situation. A struggle is described. Some would say that if a person was in this wonderful position of salvation, then sin didn't matter, but it does as verse 12 tells us.
V. 1 He repeats here what others had said in trying to trip him up (3:8). So Paul carefully explains this very important teaching.
V. 1-14 The believer has died with Christ, and has a new life in Jesus Christ. God's Word says that these are facts. Verse 11 tells us to believe this. If a real Christian's life does not show that he believes this, he does not lose his salvation, but he will not grow in his soul. If he believes what God says, then he won't feed that old nature.
V. 15-23 Believers are God's servants. A new Master has replaced sin. Sin was a master in the old life, and demanded shameful living. Do you realize that in these verses is the secret of the power of living a pure life?
V. 23 Sin earns wages death. But the other side is a gift eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. In chapter 5 there are 2 heads of families (Adam and Christ). In chapter 6 two masters and in chapter 7 there are two husbands.