Day 60 - Romans 7, Verses 7-25

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
V.7-25 In Philippians 3:6 Paul had said that as far as the law was concerned, he was blameless. That was before he became a saved man. But here, as a saved man, he is thinking of sin in a different way. He found that he wanted to do good, but he didn’t have the power. In the old life (old nature) he discovered that he was bad through and through (v. 18). Here Paul had the mistaken idea that his new nature could overcome the old nature, and keep it down.
V.24 But that couldn’t be done. He cries out for help. He realizes he needs a power outside himself. Only God could do it for him.
V.25 But another cry. This time from the heart. This time a cry of relief and triumph, and he knows he has been heard. He thanks the One Who came to his rescue — God Who has given the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Nothing is more important for us as believers than to learn this for ourselves. Do not leave these two chapters (6 & 7) until you see this. The flesh, be it ever so good and refined, will drag us down to defeat and surrender to sin. But when we surrender to Christ, He has the victory, and all the credit (the glory) goes to Him.