Day 78 - Exodus 8

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V. 1-7 The second punishment; but Satan's men still are at work!
V 8-15 Only the Lord could stop the trouble. Moses prays for those who were causing the troubles, because Pharaoh had seemed to be bending a little.
V. 6-19 The third punishment. Satan has no power to produce life out of dust. God alone gives life to any creature. Satan always tries to imitate God. Today we hear of miracles being done; let us beware of Satan's imitations.
V. 20-24 The fourth punishment. How gracious of the Lord to spare His people! He made a difference (verses 22-23). Always remember that we are a separated people! There is no such thing as the common brotherhood of man!
V. 25-32 Moses understands this separation and will not agree to sacrifice to God in the land of Egypt. The Israelites must be by themselves no mixing of Egyptians and Israelites. How sad it is to see professing Christian places today inviting anyone off the street to "Worship with us".