Day 83 - Ex. 12, Verses 21-51

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 23 Look at the contrast between the first ten words and the last fourteen words. What makes the difference for us who believe? The blood of the Lord Jesus and nothing else (see the middle of the verse). Do your families know this? Does it cause our hearts to worship the Lord?
V. 31 Pharaoh is forced by God to do what he did not want to do.
V. 35 The Israelites asked the Egyptians for silver, gold and clothing.
V. 36 And the Egyptians gave them what they asked for!
V. 42 Probably we could correctly say that this was the greatest night in Israel's history, that night there was darkness and blood. For believers today, we remember the cross of the Lord Jesus when there was darkness for three hours, and then His blood was shed.
V. 49 One standard was for everybody what God said! How important is His Word.