Day 85 - Exodus 14

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
V 1-4 The long journey commences. The Lord told Moses exactly where to go. (That's all we believers need to realize He guides. But we need to obey).
V. 5 Pharaoh quickly forgets what God had done (see chapter 12, verses 29-31).
V. 9-14 Outwardly it looked as if everything was against the Israelites, Even they themselves became discouraged and afraid.
V. 15 The Lord said "go forward". (It is only by putting into practice in our lives the truth of God, that the power of God will be seen by us).
V. 19-20 What a tremendous miracle!
V. 24-25 The Lord does what no one else could do, and even the Egyptians knew it.
V. 29-31 What a difference for Israel saved by the Lord, their enemies all dead, the Lord Himself their confidence (read Rom. 7:8, 24-25:1-4)
Try to understand that the time between chapters 13 and 14 is like a believer today who has been redeemed by the blood of Christ, but does not have assurance that he (she) has been delivered from the power of Satan. But when they saw all the Egyptian army drowned, they knew they were delivered.