Day 93 - Exodus 22

Exodus 22  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Twenty-one “ifs” in the chapter. The last verse sums up the whole purpose.
V.1-15 There was to be uprightness in a person’s dealings with another. Depending on the value of what was taken or destroyed, the guilty person had to restore not only what he took, but add extra to it. Satan stole honor from God (Gen. 3:1-5). Christ has restored this and more by His life and death (Psa. 69:4). Satan stole the world from man; Christ has given us heaven! Satan’s final payment will come in Revelation 20:10.
V.16-20 Present day loose, immoral ideas are surely condemned by God.
V.21-27 How careful each should be concerning those who have little in this world. The last three words of this group of verses are so important for believers to remember!
V.28-31 What kind of people are we to be? (v. 31). In verse 28 “gods” means “judges,” and “the rulers” means any “prince” or important leader. These may not always be right, but we are to be very careful how we talk about them, for God hears.