Dead and Risen With Christ

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"Buried" in the grave of Jesus,
I believe what God has said;
Faith, His judgment acquiescing,
" Reckons" now that I am dead.
Death and Judgment are behind me,
Grace and Glory are before-
All the billows rolled o'er Jesus,
There, exhausted all their power.
“First-fruits" of the resurrection,
He is risen from the tomb;
Now I stand in new creation,
Free, because beyond my doom.
Jesus died, and I died with Him,
"Buried" in His grave I lie,
One with Him in resurrection,
"Seated" now "in Him" on high.
I await the full redemption,
When the risen One shall come;
And my mortal body changed
Shall be " fashioned" like His own.
Precious and once bleeding Surety,
Nothing would I know but Thee-
Nothing would my heart desire,
But, my Lord, Thy face to see.
Here I share in Thy rejection-
Thy reproach and cross I love;
Here I stand in Thine acceptance
In the Father's sight above.
Grant me here to walk obedient,
To Thy holy will and word;
Counting all my joy to please Thee;
Owning Thee, alone, my Lord!
J. W. T.