Deliverance; Divine Action; Sifting

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Here I should think the exercises they have gone through have acted healthfully, though they have not yet borne all the fruit, and some help is a little wanting to lead them to judge the bearing of the Lord's ways; but we are all happy as far as I know, except two, who I trust may become so, though they would be more or less exercised I dare say if left at once again. But the Lord is infallibly faithful, and never leaves His sheep, nor fails in dealing with them, though that may indeed run across our ways sometimes, and so much the better if they are not His. The sifting was, I judge, needed and natural.
I trust the brethren will walk quietly, humbly and graciously. The Lord is evidently working for the deliverance of brethren; however little we have deserved it in glorifying Him, still I believe His testimony is with us. He may cause many to learn things they might not be disposed to, but He will abundantly bless if they wait upon Him and keep the word of His patience. I think through the Lord's mercy things are getting, into more healthful and divine action here but I am very slow and feeble in my movements.
Ever affectionately yours.
October 25th, 1847