“Dinna Ye Hear Them?”

Isaiah 55:3
During the Indian mutiny, the English were besieged in the city of Lucknow, and were in momentary expec­tation of perishing at the hands of the enemy that surrounded them. A little Scotch lassie was in this fort, and, while lying on the ground, she suddenly shouted, her face aglow with joy, “Dinna ye hear them comin’? dinna ye hear them comin’?”
“Hear what?” they asked.
“Dinna ye hear them comin’?”
She sprang to her feet. It was the bagpipes of her native Scotland she heard. It was a native air she heard that was being played by a regiment of her countrymen marching to the relief of those captives, and these deliverers made them free.
Oh, friend, don’t you hear the voice of Jesus Christ calling to you now?