Division IV: Proverbs 25-29

Proverbs 25‑29  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 12
(Chapter 25—29)
The Second Book of Solomon’s Maxims
This division of the book returns to the style of one-verse maxims and were composed by Solomon. “The men of Hezekiah” copied them out about 250 years after Solomon’s death. The one-verse maxims in Division 2 were not necessarily grouped in any specific order; whereas here, it seems that Hezekiah’s men attempted to put them into some kind of order. There are 140 maxims in this section, and they are mostly complementing parallelisms.
How to Behave in Inter-personal Relationships
Chapters 25-27 have to do with inter-personal relationships, teaching us how to inter-act with others:
Chap. 25:1-7—With kings (anyone in authority).
Chap. 25:8-20—With neighbours.
Chap. 25:21-28—With enemies.
Chap. 26:1-12—With fools.
Chap. 26:13-16—With sluggards
Chap. 26:17-19—With meddlers.
Chap. 26:20-28—With talebearers (gossips).
Chap. 27:1-2—With yourself.
Chap. 27:3-4—With those who dislike you.
Chap. 27:5-10—With family friends.
Chap. 27:11-22—Using grace toward others.
Chap. 27:23-27—Using diligence in business.
Chapters 28-29 have a mixture of contrasting and complementing parallelisms:
Chap. 28:1-10—Our actions in relation to the law.
Chap. 28:11-28The deceptions of worldliness & wickedness in relation to wealth.
Chap. 29:1-27In regard to stubbornness.