Do You Feel Saved?

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Martin Luther, in one of his conflicts with the devil, was asked by the arch-enemy if he FELT that his sins were forgiven. "No," said the great reformer, "I don't FEEL THAT THEY ARE FORGIVEN but I KNOW they are! God says so in His Word."
Paul did not say, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt FEEL saved." His statement is, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt BE SAVED."
No one can FEEL that his sins are forgiven. Ask that man whose debt was paid by his brother: "Do you feel that your debt is paid?"
"No," will be the reply. "I don't FEEL that it is paid; I KNOW FROM THIS RECEIPT that it is paid; and I FEEL HAPPY because I know it is paid."
It is thus with you, dear reader. You must first believe in God's love to you as revealed at the cross of Calvary; and then you can rejoice in sins forgiven. You will FEEL HAPPY, because you will KNOW that you are saved.
A happy old Christian, on hearing persons speak of their feelings, used to say: "Feelings! Feelings! Don't bother yourself about your feelings. I just stick to the old truth that Christ died for me, and He is my surety right on to eternity. I'll stick to that like a limpet to the rock."
"Be my feelings what they will,
Jesus is my Savior still."