Ecclesiastes - July 2, 1995

Ecclesiastes 1‑12  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
This wonderful little book was also written by King Solomon. Solomon is the same person that the Spirit of God inspired to write the book of Proverbs, through which we have just passed on our journey through the Bible. We found in Proverbs God’s wisdom provided for each one who desires a happy life and a life which pleases and glorifies the Lord.
In Ecclesiastes we find a book which contains the experiences of one who has tried everything that this world has to offer and can find no happiness in any of it. It is important to remember that it is no doubt Solomon himself who is described in these pages. The wisest and richest man who ever lived in this world (apart from the Lord Jesus Christ) could not find anything in it to satisfy his heart! This is an important lesson for Christians to learn. Only the Lord Jesus can provide true happiness, satisfaction and peace to you and me.
Almost the very first verse in this book tells us that all the world can offer to us is “vanity.” (This word means “empty” or “nothing.”) Solomon tests the wisdom, the pleasures and the labor of this world. There was nothing he did not try to see if he could find satisfaction. His conclusion is that everything he tried and everything he gained in this world was all vanity.
Let’s stop and rest in our journey while you find these verses.
1. The person whose iniquities and sins have been forgiven is truly ____________ . (The word means the same as “blessed.”) Romans 4:___
2. The Lord Jesus wants believers to live in such a way that when the world sees our good works they will ____________ our God and Father.
Matthew 5:___
3. Believers have God’s promise that every need they have will be supplied through the ____________ found in glory in the Lord Jesus. Philippians 4:___
4. The disciples of the Lord Jesus questioned Him one time because they did not understand how they could ____________ the hunger of the great crowd of people who had come to hear the Lord Jesus. Mark 8:___
5. The Lord Jesus warned that men should not ____________ for food which would perish but for that which would be given them by the Son of man (Himself) and would be eternal life. John 6:___
not for the meat