“This is the true grace of God wherein ye stand” (1 Peter 5:12).
“How little man realizes and believes what he knows [about grace], if in spirit he is not identified with it. The sons of the prophets knew that Elijah [law] was to be taken away. Nevertheless they propose to search for him” (J. N. Darby).
“Elisha is the chosen vessel to carry this new ministry of grace to a ruined world. As one has said, Elisha ‘completes, by a ministry of grace in the power of life, what Elijah had begun in righteousness against idolatry.’ Elisha returns to the land that Elijah had left. The curse is there; widows are in need; hunger and famine are in the land; enemies oppose and death is over all. Into this scene of sin and ruin Elisha comes with power from on high, to display, in the midst of a dark world, the grace of heaven that can meet the need of man. Thus it comes to pass, as Elisha passes on his way, the curse is removed; the needs of the widow are met; the barren woman becomes fruitful; the dead are raised; evil is averted; the hungry are fed; the leper is healed; enemies are baffled and defeated; earth’s famine yields before heaven’s plenty; out of death there comes forth life.”
H. Smith